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Classroom training is available in London, Surrey & Berkshire every week.


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One-to-one training sessions are available with our certified Xero advisor


Group training is available both at your premises and online live via zoom.

What our clients say

Xero Practical Accounting Training

If you’re looking to further your accounting career or increase confidence in the workplace, then eCloud Experts’ Xero practical training course is a great opportunity. Our extensive and comprehensive program provides expert guidance on how industry sectors work within this popular software, as well as providing an invaluable platform for students and professionals alike to enhance their understanding of using it practically.

Xero Practical Accounting Training is the perfect way to familiarise yourself with Xero Accounting Software.

You’ll gain an extensive overview of Xero’s functionality and hands-on experience to confidently use Xero Accounting and Payroll in your everyday business activities. Through this training, you’ll learn the fundamentals of accounting and bookkeeping like sales, purchases, VAT Returns, bank reconciliation, Payroll and fixed asset register, as well as a more complex areas like management reporting, accrual, prepayment functions, and much more! With Xero Practical Accounting Training, you’ll have the right knowledge and understanding to make Xero work for you – maximizing its advantages and gaining a practical edge.

What will I learn from this course?

  • Create a new organization in Xero
  • Organisation Details update in Xero
  • Organization Financial Settings update in Xero
  • Understanding Chart of Accounts
  • Adding charts of accounts in Xero
  • Editing, Deleting, Archiving and Restoring an Account
  • Understanding Bank Accounts & Bank Feeds
  • Adding Bank Account, Credit Card & petty cash account
  • Importing a Bank Statement
  • Setting up business branding on the invoice
  • Adding Bank details on the Invoice
  • Adding a payment service on the Invoice
  • Adding, Editing and Removing a User

  • Access the Xero Demo Company
  • Understanding the Xero Dashboard
  • Understanding the Xero Menus, Icons & Tabs
  • Understanding Xero Files
  • Uploading a File to the Inbox
  • Understanding Xero notification
  • Emailing a File to the Inbox
  • Creating a Folder
  • Add a Tax Rate
  • Understanding Email Settings
  • View, edit and Create an Email Template
  • Send a Xero Network Invite (Xero to Xero)
  • Understanding Add-ons

  • Overview of Xero Contacts
  • New customers account setup
  • Customer Credit limits setting
  • New Suppliers account setup
  • Adding Employees in Xero Contacts
  • Adding Group in Contacts
  • Connect email to Contact
  • Editing, Arching and restoring a contact.
  • Understanding Conversion Balances
  • Understanding the Conversion Date
  • Setting the Conversion Date
  • Entering Conversion Balances
  • Entering Comparative Balances

  • Creating sales invoices in Xero
  • Attaching Files to Invoice
  • Editing, Copying and Voiding an Invoice
  • Emailing and Printing an Invoice
  • Recording a Payment
  • Sending Receipts
  • Searching Invoices
  • Understanding Repeating Invoices
  • Creating a Repeating Invoice
  • Understanding Credit Notes
  • Creating and allocating Credit Notes
  • Understanding Statements
  • Sending a Statement
  • Batch Deposits
  • Customer refund reconciliation
  • Xero Invoice reminder overview
  • Customer Activity Reports
  • Aged Debtors Reports
  • Understanding Quotes
  • Creating a Quote
  • Sending, Printing and Deleting a Quote
  • Accepting or Declining a Quote
  • Copying Quotes

  • Recording and coding purchase invoices
  • Entering Purchase credit notes
  • Purchase credit notes allocation
  • Editing purchase bills in Xero
  • Coping, Voiding and Importing Bills
  • Understanding repeating bills
  • Creating a repeating bill
  • Overview of email bills to Xero
  • Recording bills from the draft.
  • Recording a payment
  • Preparation of remittance advice notes
  • Sending remittance advice to suppliers
  • Understanding and creating a batch payment
  • Supplier Activity Reports
  • Aged Creditors Analysis
  • Understanding Purchase Orders
  • Creating a Purchase Order
  • Editing or Deleting a Purchase Order
  • Sending or Printing a Purchase Order
  • Marking a Purchase Order as Billed
  • Copying a Purchase Order

  • Understanding Bank Reconciliation in Xero
  • The Reconciliation Screen
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Cash coding
  • Bank Statements (Tab)
  • Account Transaction ( Tab)
  • Part Payments, Minor adjustment & Batch Payment reconciliation
  • Matching sales and purchase invoices against Bank Transaction
  • Overview of discuss tab
  • Transfer between Bank Accounts
  • Creating spend and receive money transaction
  • Recording Bank charges against sales invoices
  • Editing Bank transactions
  • Publish Month end Reconciliation reports
  • Overview of auto suggestion
  • Archiving a Bank Account
  • Restoring a Bank Account
  • Understanding Bank Rules
  • Creating & Editing a Bank rules
  • Recording petty Cash Payment
  • Manually reconcile petty cash payment

Publish petty cash month end reconciliation reports.

  • Understanding Fixed Assets
  • Fixed Asset Start Date
  • Creating a Fixed Asset
  • Importing Fixed Assets
  • Understanding Depreciation
  • Running Depreciation
  • Rolling Back Depreciation
  • Selling And Disposing of Assets
  • Selling a Fixed Asset
  • Understanding Expense Claims
  • Creating an Expense Claim
  • Editing and Viewing Expense Claims
  • Submitting an Expense Claim
  • Approving and declining an Expense Claim
  • Paying an Expense Claim
  • Searching for Previous Claims

  • VAT Return preparation
  • Review VAT Return by tax rates
  • VAT Adjustments in MTD VAT Returns
  • Submit VAT Return to HMRC through online
  • Cash accounting scheme for VAT
  • Flat rate VAT Scheme VAT return.
  • Understanding the Xero Reports
  • Adding a summary and footnote
  • Publish and export a reports
  • Understanding reports layout options
  • Create Monthly Profit and Loss Reports
  • Create Monthly Balance Sheet Reports
  • Trial Balance Reports
  • Create Monthly Management reports
  • Publish Monthly Management Accounts

  • Understanding Inventory
  • Inventory Input Fields
  • Creating an Inventory Item (Untracked)
  • Creating an Inventory Item (tracked)
  • Editing an Inventory Item
  • Opening Balances (Tracked Items)
  • Exporting Inventory Items
  • Importing Inventory Items
  • Posting wages, pension and PAYE journals
  • Overview of find and recode
  • Overview of budget
  • Creating, importing and exporting a budget
  • Recording prepayment and overpayment transactions
  • Recording accrual transactions in Xero
  • Contra trade debtors and creditors

  • Understanding Tax Codes in Xero
  • National Insurance Contribution
  • Student loan deduction
  • HMRC Settings
  • Employee Setup Checklist
  • Employer Setup Checklist

  • Preparing Xero for payroll
  • Set up the organization
  • Holidays, pay items and opening balances
  • Set up a workplace pension

  • Employees details
  • Time off and payment methods
  • Pay temples opening balances
  • Import multiple employees into Xero Payroll

  • Process and revert pay runs
  • Auto-enrolment assessment
  • opt employees in and out of pension scheme
  • Other pay runs
  • RTI submissions
  • Adjustments to pay
  • Adjustments to pensions

  • My Payroll and Xero Me
  • Timesheets
  • Holidays
  • Statutory leave
  • Process a leaver

  • Pension fillings
  • Making payments
  • Management reports
  • Reconciling payroll accounts
  • Year-end procedure
  • Earlier year update

Who is it for?

  • EJob seekers who want to add a Xero Practical Accounting Training certificate to their CVs.
  • EAccounting & Finance Students wanting to gain relevant knowledge and experience in Practical accountancy fields
  • EIndividuals who need to learn more about Xero so they can do bookkeeping for their business
  • EBookkeepers and accountants who need to become more proficient with the Xero features.
  • EAccounts people or anyone managing Business Account

Course Details

Live online |Classroom | Onsite |1 to 1

9:00am – 5:00pm (Weekdays and Weekend)

6:30 pm – 9:30pm (evening)

£1400 (Online Live Via Zoom)

£1600 (Classroom)

24 hours approx

Tuesday – Saturday Every week

Career Progression pathway

The completion of the Xero practical training programme will make you competent to perform a variety of accounting job roles, including:

• Xero Bookkeeper
• Xero Accountant
• Xero Payroll Advisor
• Assistant Cloud accountant
• Finance assistant
• Assistant accountant
• Accounts clerk

Want to learn more about our Xero Practical Training?

After The Course?

Each Participant Will Receive:

Certificate Of Completion

Comprehensive Training Manuals

One Month Of Free Email Support

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