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Crypto Accounting Services for Businesses

Xero Crypto Accounting

Keeping track of your crypto currency transactions and calculating gains and losses can be a real headache. Most crypto accounting software requires you to manually enter the details of every transaction into their platform, which takes up hours upon hours of time. This can be especially difficult if you have multiple wallets or exchanges that each require their own login credentials. It’s also impossible to get a complete picture of everything going on in your company without logging into multiple platforms individually. Our Crypto Accounting Software makes this process easier by automatically importing all your transactions from different wallets/exchanges/Defi protocol/ institutional custodian accounts into Xero accounting software so you don’t need to do it yourself. Our easy-to-use Crypto Accounting software gives you complete visibility into every transaction made by your company – from every wallet, exchange and institutional custodian – without having to log into multiple platforms individually. You’ll get a complete picture of everything going on in one place at the same time!

 Some of the software and connected app we work with

Who We help?


Business Accepting Crypto Currency Payment or about to accept cryptocurrency.

Crypto Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

Innovative businesses and entrepreneurs are utilizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to revolutionise the way the world works.

Crypto Exchange

Business provides crypto assets exchange service such as converting GBP to cryptocurrency and/or vice versa; and also crypto to crypto exchanges.

What’s Included in our Services?

  • =Setup Crypto Accounting Software
  • =Setup Xero Accounting Software
  • =Integration (Manual or Automatic) of wallets with Xero Accounting Software
  • =Reconciliation of crypto balances across all wallets
  • =Tax issues of dealing in crypto currencies and working out taxable gains or losses
  • =Reconciliation of miner fees and expenses, payment gateway charges and exchange costs.
  • =Crypto Bookkeeping Services
  • =VAT Return Services
  • =Payroll & Pension Services
  • =Annual Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns
  • =Monthly Management Accounts
  • =Xero Support
  • =Xero Training
  • =Xero Apps Advisory and Support
Ecloud Experts is ready to support your Crypto Accounting needs with sound advice and bookkeeping assistance, so you can keep the numbers running smoothly.

Why eCloud Experts for Crypto Tax Returns?

Crypto Experts

Qualified and experienced Accountants familiar with cryptocurrency software and tax

Quick Turnaround

We can complete the Crypto Accounting Software setup within 3 working days of receiving all the information.

Peace of Mind

We take care of all your dealings with HMRC, and relive you from hassle and save yourself valuable time


We never have access to your coins; you remain in full control.

Audit Guarantee

We offer 100% audit guarantee

Crypto Software Access

Free anytime software access to view your Crypto portfolio.

Accuracy guarantee

We guarantee that your Crypto reconciliation will be accurate

Unlimited Support

Unlimited year-round support via email and Zoom call
Crypto Accounting Services

From £1000 / Month
£12,000 / year

  • Crypto Accounting Software Setup
  • Integration of wallets with Xero Accounting Software
  • Reconciliation of crypto balances across all wallets
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Supplier Payment Run
  • Credit Control
  • VAT Return
  • Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Payroll
  • Pension Submission
  • Xero Setup
  • Xero Add-ons integration
  • Monthly Management Account
  • Cashflow Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Virtual Finance Director Service

Never Do It On Your Own Again

With us as your Xero advisor, you can get a handle on your business’s finances through the power of Xero and the apps which integrate with it. We make sure that every single day is business as usual for you and your team.